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Samui Island or Ko Samui is the largest of a group of nearly 100 tropical islands in the Gulf of Thailand along the east coast of Surat Thani Province. These islands are known as the Samui archipelago. The most phenomenally famous tourist destinations, attracting a wide range of visitors from all over the world, are the three largest islands: Samui, Phangan, and Tao. Long sandy beaches, green mountainous interiors, colorful coral reefs, a warm tropical climate and an easy-going people with a ready smile clearly define Samui's appeal.

After the Second World War, Thailand became more economically sophisticated and natural products such as timber, rubber and fruit became tradable commodities. These fertile islands were important for the plantations of coconuts which began to assume economic value to the country. Then the backpackers arrived and gradually tourism began to dominate the island economically and socially.

Ko Samui, the third largest island of Thailand and the

largest in the southeast in the Gulf of Thailand, is surrounded with almost a hundred islands. The main islands, which are all near Samui Island and are inhabited, are Phangan, Tao and Tan Islands. Samui Island is 247 sq km It is full of tropical jungle and mountains up to 600 m high and is covered by almost 3 million coconut trees, some over 160 years old and 35 m tall.

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